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Examples below

Sound Wall Workshop:

When students enter school, the brain is already using a sophisticated language system and a sophisticated visual system. However, when students learn to read, the brain needs incorporate use of the visual word form area, the ‘letter box’, to develop a ‘speech to print’ pathway. Phonemes need to be mapped to graphemes and graphemes need to be mapped to phonemes. This workshop delves into the use of a sound wall to facilitate phonological and orthographic coding.


Syllable Division Workshop:

The work of Berninger and Richards looked at fast and slow mapping that is required for reading. Requiring a longer learning period, slow mapping involves the understanding of syllable types. Most students acquire mapping in R, 1 & 2. However, some students will require longer, explicit instruction, even in the high school years. This workshop we examine syllable division, how to teach it explicitly across multiple year levels and implement school-wide common language.

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